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China’s State-Media Touts (Karl) Marx amid the Western Financial Crisis

In reporting the current financial crisis spread in Western countries, China’s state media utilized the opportunity to tout the greatness of Marxism and the advantage of socialist (communist system). Following are a few examples:

Jie Fang Daily: Financial Crisis Made Marx’s “The Capital”a Hot-Sale Book in Germany

Wen Hui: “The Capital” Comes Back to the Class of German Universities

Xinhua: The Lasting Attraction of “The Capital”

Xinhua (originally from People’s Daily): The Forever Marx

CN West News: “The Capital” Becomes the “Straw” and “Prescription” for the Self-Realization and Rescue of the Dying Capitalism

[Translator’s note: in phone conversations with family members and friends from mainland China, many asked that U.S. is also following the path of socialism.]