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Xinhua Special Article: Who Is Pouring Oil on Fire in the Gaza Conflict

Xinhua published a special article commenting that Pentagon’s plan to ship arms to Israel at the time when U.N. Security Council passes the resolution to ask all sides in the Gaza conflict to cease fire immediately is pouring oil to fire. The article says, “The reason why Gaza conflict is so difficult to compromise is because there are outside forces’ involvement in addition to the deep historical and ethnic contradictions, chief among which is the patronage of Israel by the United States.” The article also says, “Israel is U.S.’s reliable ally in Middle East. A strong Israel is consistent with America’s interest. Because of this reason, in almost all conflicts and wars happened in the Middle East, the United States always stand by Israel’s side as long as Israel was involved. It’s no exception in the current Gaza conflict.”

Source: Xinhua, January 13, 2009