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State Public Relations: Transition from the Defensive to the Offensive

Starting from the Olympics in 2008 China has moved to the offensive in its public relations, wrote a government think tank, the Institute of Public Communications of the Remin University of China. From SARS in 2003 to Tibetan violent crackdown in March 2008, China was passive in public relations during crises. However, the Olympics in August 2008 served as a turning point when China changed to the offensive. In subsequent crises such as toxic milk powder and current international financial crisis, China was more proactive and quickly controlled the situation. The article recommends three PR weapons available to the State: media, visits and speeches by overseas leaders, and statements by Chinese celebrities such as Yao Min (athlete), Zhang Ziyu (actress), Jackie Chan (actor) and Jet Li (actor).

Source: Xinhua, February 3, 2009