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Australia Chinese Newspaper Group: China’s Broadcasting Mouthpiece in the U.S.

The radio station KGBC near Houston, Texas has become China’s official mouthpiece. republished an article by the Australia Chinese Newspaper Group on April 29, reporting that the radio station has become the home base in the U.S. of China Radio International (CRI). KGBC, at AM1540, is based in Galveston, 50 miles from Houston. It has 67 years of history and had financial difficulties for years. Recently, a U.S. company made a very attractive offer and bought it. It then started broadcasting CRI’s programs around the clock. The previous owner was not aware of the purchasing company’s deal with CRI. KGBC’s loyal listeners found that they were listening to “Asian music and political forums,” instead of the traditional and hot music and talk shows that they enjoyed in the past.

Source:, April 29, 2010