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College Professor Dismissed from CCP Membership and Suspended from Teaching for Pro-Hong Kong and Japan Remarks

Liang Yanping, a professor at the School of Liberal Arts of Hubei University in China, was dismissed from her CCP party membership and suspended from teaching. Liang was alleged to have “repeatedly published and reposted erroneous remarks about Japan and Hong Kong on social media which seriously violated the party’s political disciplinary rules and the teachers’ professional ethics.” According to the official statement from Hubei University, she was also said to have had an extremely negative social impact. Liang is also the first university professor who was disciplined for openly supporting Fang Fang for her Wuhan Diary.

In her personal Weibo and WeChat account, on November 8, 2019, Liang posted an article to commemorate a Hong Kong college student who died during an anti-extradition protest. She also posted a selfie wearing a black hat and facial mask to support Hong Kong protesters. On December 9, 2012, Liang posted a comment and questioned the death toll of the Nanjing Massacre and whether 300,000 was the accurate count. Liang was also accused of being “pro-Japan.”

Fang Fang published her comments in her weibo account, calling Hubei University a disgrace to universities in China and Hubei province and made the accusation that the leftists and online thugs hijacked Hubei University, the media, and the publishers.

Source: Radio France Internationale, June 20, 2020