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International Herald’s Rebuttal on Reported China Hacking

Responding to recent news reports accusing China of cyber attacks, the International Herald calls such accusations by Western media groundless. The article quotes defense expert Professor Meng Xiangqing, who claims that it was a smoke bomb. He defends that China is indeed the victim and has been attacked by  Western cyber spies, lead by the country’s enemies and anti-China forces.

Meng lists the U.S. as having the most powerful cyber-attack potential and that it has provided funding in the amount of tens of millions of dollars a year to a number of organizations including “Ze Wa online,” a Tibetan independence entity and “cyber traitors,” the Chinese democracy movement leaders, to conduct cyber spying activity on China, attack the Chinese government, criticize China’s open reform policy and other socialist values.

Source: Xinhua, April 9, 2009