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Internal Document Revealed Irregularities in China’s Organ Transplant System

An internal document on China’s organ transplant system shows 21 major problems under 8 categories. The document is titled, “China Organ Transplant Response System (COTRS) Data Verification Report (Zhejiang Province).” (The Report) covers the government’s COTRS data involving medical institutions in Zhejiang Province during the period from January 1, 2015, to April 13, 2018. Established in 2011, the COTRS is meant to be a national organ allocation mechanism for transplant, with organ donations from voluntary organ donors as the only legitimate source.

Of the problems discussed in the Report, livers and kidneys of unknown origin were used in transplants in Zhejiang. These accounted for 7.82 percent and 4.51 percent of the organs of illegal origin in the country.

The Report identified cases where the transplant occurred before the allocation and suspected distribution outside COTRS and manipulation of the flow of organs.

The Report found that the number of “special situation registrations” was too high, indicating that the hospital as an organ procurement organization (OPO) may have abused the procedure possibly involving a  suspected manipulation of the allocation process. According to the Report, “special situation registration” is only applicable to organ allocation outside the organ allocation system in order to prevent the waste of organs if a force majeure occurs during organ allocation.

The Report identified 135 cases where the OPO hospital tampered with donor data one hour prior to the distribution of the organ.

The Report discovered a large number of cases where the transplant hospital changed the recipient’s data one hour before the transplant. In some cases, new recipients were added to the waiting list and received the available organ. The Report considered these activities to be a suspicious manipulation of the flow of organs.

The Report found that about 10 percent of the livers disappeared without an explanation in COTRS.

Source: Epoch Times, July 3, 2020