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Former Party Official Laid out Six Changes that China Should Be Prepared for in Facing World Challenges

On June 22, a former deputy minister of the CCP’s International Liaison Department published an article entitled, “Proactively Responding to Changes in the External Environment.” It was in the China Social Science News magazine that the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences publishes.

The article laid out six changes for which China should be prepared. They are as follows: 1.) The deterioration of Sino-US relations and the full escalation of conflict; 2.) A decrease in external demand and the disruption of industrial supply chains; 3.) Adjusting to the new norms under COVID 19 and the long-term coexistence of viruses and humans; 4.) Detaching from the dominance of the dollar and disconnecting the Chinese Yuan from the dollar; 5.) The outbreak of the global food crisis; 6.) The resurgence of international counter-terrorism forces.

The article stated that China is facing unprecedented challenges and quoted Xi Jinping’s speech in which he stated that the CCP must “adhere to bottom line thinking and be mentally and physically prepared to deal with changes in the external environment.”

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