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BBC Chinese: Boris Johnson Changes Position on Huawei to Avoid Supplier from Potential Enemy

BBC Chinese recently reported that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson changed his position on Huawei. With the Chinese communists passing the new Hong Kong National Security Law, the British government is reevaluating Huawei’s reliability in the British 5G network. Boris Johnson used to be open to allowing a partial Huawei presence in the British 5G communications market. However, in a recent press conference, the Prime Minister said he does not want to see any risk in the critical national infrastructure to be controlled by suppliers from potential enemy countries. Huawei has been working hard on the British market for the past 20 years. High ranking British officials have suggested recently that the U.S. sanction on Huawei may impact the feasibility of using Huawei equipment in the British 5G network. The recent new ban that the U.S. government  imposed caused Oliver Dowden, British Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, to order an emergency review. Many Conservative Party members of parliament were against including Huawei in any part of the British 5G market. They believed they could rally enough votes if Parliament were to have another vote. However, they hoped the Prime Minister would change his mind before such a vote.

Source: BBC Chinese, July 2, 2020