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UDN: Taiwan Representatives in Hong Kong Were Refused Visas

United Daily News (UDN), one of the primary Taiwanese news groups, recently reported that the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Hong Kong said that several leaders did not receive their visas upon renewal. Four of the five group leaders in the Hong Kong Office left Hong Kong and returned to Taiwan. The Office is still operating. The Taiwanese government concluded that the officials were refused their visas due to the fact that they did not agree to sign the document that recognizes the “One China” policy. The Office performs the equivalent functions of an embassy in Hong Kong. Currently the Hong Kong Office does not even have a Chief Officer. The Taiwanese media described the situation as the direct result of the new Hong Kong National Security Law taking effect. In addition to top level group leaders of the Office, multiple secretary personnel are also waiting for visa renewals. The Hong Kong government did not respond to their renewal applications. The Office is still providing Taiwan visa services to foreigners and Hong Kong local residents. The Hong Kong government declined to comment on this matter.

Source: UDN, July 17, 2020