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RFA: “Xi Jinping Research Center for Diplomatic Thought” Deviates From Deng’s Diplomatic Principal and Promotes “Wolf Warrior” Diplomacy

Xinhua reported that the inauguration ceremony of the Xi Jinping Research Center for Diplomatic Thought was held in Beijing on July 20. Comments from China experts overseas show they believe that the establishment of this center means that China has formally bid farewell to Deng Xiaoping’s diplomatic principle of “hiding our capacities and biding our time.” Instead, it promotes the “wolf warrior” diplomacy that China has pursued in recent years.

The China Institute of International Studies set up the research center under the direction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It aims “to coordinate national research resources, and to conduct comprehensive, systematic and in-depth research, interpretation, and publicity with regard to Xi Jinping’s diplomatic thoughts. … It focuses on studying the nature, theory, practice, communication, policies, and specific subjects of Xi Jinping Thought on the subject of Diplomacy … enabling and supporting the guiding role of Xi Jinping’s diplomatic thinking on diplomatic practice. … It also makes a positive contribution to opening up a new era of major country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics.”

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi stated at the ceremony that, in the face of the uncertain international situation, Xi Jinping’s diplomatic thoughts must be used as the fundamental guiding principles to maintain (China’s) strength in chaos, seize opportunities in changes, and continue to make breakthroughs in a new era of major country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics.

It is believed that, since Xi Jinping came to power, the CCP has reversed its course on the party’s ruling ideology on diplomacy.

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