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Outlook: Strengthen “China’s Voice” throughout the World

Outlook, a weekly magazine under China’s state media Xinhua News, published an article outlining expert-suggested approaches to promote "China’s Voice" on the international stage.

The article stated that "some Western media reported untruthfully about the serious violence in Lhasa, Tibet that took place in mid-March." To counter Western media’s distorted reporting of China, it is necessary to broaden the platform for China’s voice to be heard in the world.  In short, be able to participate in the settings of the international media agenda.  First of all, take initiatives in guiding world public opinion, instead of being criticized at will.  Second, improve the domestically produced foreign language content with more appropriate expressions and tone so that they are better quoted in Western media.  Third, track world affairs and international focal points; participate in media internationalization that helps to build the basis for an effective guiding force of public opinion in the world arena.  At the same time, build and refine the image of the state that will produce favorable results.

Source: Xinhua News (Outlook reprint), April 10, 2008.