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CASS: China’s Modernization Should Surpass the Western Model

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) published an article titled “China’s ‘Modernization’ Should Surpass the Western Model.” The article said China is facing three major problems: the gap between rich and poor, great deterioration of the environment, and people becoming consumption machines and pursuing materialism.

The article argued that neither giving up modernization nor simply following the Western model will resolve these problems. Instead, it argued the Sinicization of Marxism is the “third option” and pointed out that the research of Sinicization of Marxism is aimed at finding a way out for China. The author reminded people about two trends in China: one is the Sinicization of Marxism and the other one is to rethink and go back to the traditional Chinese culture. The concepts of “scientific outlook on development,” “people foremost,” and “harmonious society” contain a new development model and cultural form.

Source: Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, May 12 2009