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Qiushi Journal: Stick Firmly to the Socialist Core Value System

Qiushi Journal, the publication of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee organs, published an article titled “Stick Firmly to the Socialist Core Value System.” The article stated that constructing the Socialist Core Value System is a major strategic mission for the CPC. The Socialist Core Value System consists of four areas: 1. Marxism as the leading theory; 2. Socialism with Chinese characteristics as the common goal; 3. A patriotism-based nationalist spirit and a spirit based on the times of revolution and opening; and 4. A socialist viewpoint of honor or disgrace.

The article argued that the Socialist Core Value System is the core of China’s cultural soft power and is a powerful ideological weapon to lead society. It’s the CPC’s ideological counter to the “universal value” promotion of Western-style freedom, democracy, and human rights and the attempt to replace the CPC’s leadership and socialism in China with the Western political system.

Source: Qiushi Journal, 11th Issue of 2009