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Chinese Government and People Respond to a Possible U.S. Ban on Communist Party Members Entering the United States

{Editor’s Note: On July 15, 2020, the New York Times reported that the Trump administration is considering a ban on Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members and their families entering the United States. The U.S. authorities could also revoke the visas of CCP members and their families who are already in the United States, leading to their expulsion. It may also cover the People’s Liberation Army officers as well as executives at state-owned enterprises, though most of them are already CCP members. {1}

On July 16, Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo indirectly confirmed that this plan is under consideration. When Bill Hemmer of Fox News, interviewed the Secretary, he asked about this plan. Secretary Pompeo replied, “I don’t comment on things we’re working on inside…. I prefer to let the team work. And when we’re prepared to present it to the President, we will, and we’ll let him make the ultimate decision.” {2}

The Chinese people welcomed the ban, while the CCP officials strongly condemned this “evil” U.S. plan. The following are some responses from CCP officials, state-run media, and the general public.}

I. Beijing’s Official Responses

 Though Wang Yi, the Minister of Foreign Affairs strongly criticized the U.S., Hua Chunying, the spokesperson of Foreign Affairs Ministry, showed a weaker sign, stating that China has never intended to challenge the U.S.

#1: Wang Yi,  China’s State Councilor and Minister of Foreign Affairs stated, “The U.S. has lost its rationality, morality, and credibility.”

On July 17, 2020, Wang Yi had a phone conversation with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov.

Wang Yi emphasized that the United States blatantly pursues a “U.S. first” policy and relentlessly pushes egoism, unilateralism, and bullying to the extreme. It does not look like a big power (that shoulder’s international responsibility and gains the world’s respect). The United States has blamed and discredited other countries for the (COVID-19) pandemic, to an extreme degree. It has even initiated hot issues and confrontations in international relations. It has lost its rationality, morality, and credibility.

Wang Yi stated that the United States has returned to its notorious “McCarthyism” and the outdated “Cold War mentality” in its China policy. It has deliberately provoked ideological opposition and crossed the bottom line of international law and basic norms of international relations. China will not follow those few anti-China forces in the U.S., but instead, it will firmly defend its legitimate interests and dignity. {3}

#2: Hua Chunying, the spokesperson for the Foreign Affairs Ministry said, “China has never intended to challenge or replace the United States”

On July 16, Hua Chunying also said, “China has never actively provoked the United States, has never intended to challenge or replace the United States, and does not intend to confront the United States in an all-around way. What we care about is to improve the well-being of our own people and meet the people’s growing aspirations for a better life. Therefore, China’s U.S. policy has never changed. We hope to develop a mutually beneficial and win-win cooperative relationship based on the principles of equality and mutual respect. {4}

II. The CCP’s Controlled Media

 Huanqiu (Global Times) and its Editor-in-Chief issued several comments regarding this issue. In addition to calling the U.S. several names, it acknowledged that the U.S.’ China policy has changed, and China should adapt to the change.

#3: Huanqiu: “It Is Evil Even Just to Release It to the Media to Test the Waters”

“This is by far Washington’s craziest design on China policy. It is evil even just to release it to the media to test waters.”

The Trump Administration is really going all out to win the next election. They have made the United States look like a cult country and treated demonizing China as the panacea for that country to get out of its predicament. As a group of people who have become insane, they may use any means imaginable and inflate their sense of morality so strongly that they will move themselves to tears. Washington now no longer has the basic logic for globalization. So it is hard to say whether the U.S. will indeed implement this crazy idea of ​​banning CCP members from traveling to their country or turn part of this idea into policy.

Washington is committing crimes against the world peace by undermining Sino-US relations and pushing mankind’s 21st century into an enormous uncertainty. All that has happened is beyond imagination. We should not try to interpret the hysteria of a geopolitical madman with normal thinking. China needs to accept the reality that the United States’ attitude towards China has fundamentally changed.  China should stop any wishful thinking. We need to formulate a firm and rational plan, solidify our position, respond appropriately, and carry out a big strategic game with the U.S. in the coming decades. {5}

#4: QQ: “Does the U.S. Have a Right (to Do This)?”

QQ published a commentary by Hu Xijin, the Chief-editor of Huanqiu: The essence of the U.S.’s containment of China is to suppress the Chinese people’s right to continue to make their lives better, so that China’s development comes to an abrupt halt, or will even regress,… and to drive the 1.4 billion Chinese people back to the edge of modern civilization (and the primitive era). I want to ask, does the U.S. have a right (to do this)? As it contains China, where is its morality? {6}

#5: Huanqiu: “This Is More Severe Than Severing Sino-U.S. Diplomat Relations”

Another Huanqiu article, had the title, “The United States Wants to Ban 270 Million Chinese? This Is More Severe Than Severing Sino-U.S. Diplomatic Relations!” It stated: Regarding this question, I asked several experts who study Sino-U.S. issues. Their point of view is basically that if the United States really does this, it would be equivalent to choosing to sever diplomatic relations between China and the United States and it would be even worse than that. {7}

III. CCP Members and Officials’ Personal Feeling

Several commentators stated that the Chinese officials and CCP members are extremely worried about this news, since they have already moved their family members and money to the U.S. and Western countries and even plan to flee China themselves when the CCP collapses.

#6: Chen Guangcheng commented, “‘Quitting the CCP’ Has Become a Hot Search Item on Search Engines”

Chen Guangcheng, a self-taught human rights attorney who, in 2012, escaped the CCP’s persecution and came to the U.S., commented that the news came out like a bolt of thunder, triggering heated discussions among Chinese on multiple levels. Particularly, the officials, the government’s civil servants, and the military officers were worried.

From high-ranking officials to the CCP members in all walks of life, they are debating between the choices of either continuing to cling to the CCP regime for its benefits and becoming the objects for the civilized world to cleanse, or leaving a future for themselves and their children. Social media are spreading the thought that the phrase “Quit the Party” has become a hot search term on search engines.

This shows that the ideals in the CCP members’ minds are no longer “communism” and they do not believe the party’s propaganda that the CCP “serves the people.” They value and truly trust the American-style freedom and the social system that allows people to pursue fairness and justice. {8}

#7: A Social Media Commentator: “70 Percent of the Children of CCP Officials at or above the Department Level Go to the West for a Higher Degree”

A social media commentator (@caijinglengyan at Twitter) stated that “70 percent of the children of CCP officials at or above the department level go to the West for a higher degree. It can be said that opposing the U.S. is their work but living in the U.S. is their life. This is the norm in the mainland, and the general public has disguised it for a long time.”

A human rights lawyer in mainland China told Epoch Times that the United States has many ways to sanction the CCP, including political and economic ones. The biggest fear and headache for the CCP is to restrict their members from entering into the U.S. Those in authoritarian countries, including those in the CCP, like to send their family members, including their mistresses and children, as well as the wealth they gained from corruption, to the U.S. and other Western countries. The officials then stay in China alone by themselves so that they can flee out of China before the CCP collapses.

He stressed, “This U.S. move has cut off the escape route for the CCP officials, so they are very anxious about it.” {9}

 IV. The Chinese People’s Responses

The online comments showed that the Chinese people overwhelmingly welcomed the banning.

#8: Chinese Netizens: “We Pass It Unanimously!”

Netizen “B…d”: “I Support it! In this way, corrupt senior officials and their families in China can no longer take money with them to immigrate, so it indirectly makes a huge contribution to China’s anti-corruption!”

“Brother Su…”: “If it is really implemented, the Chinese people will be happy, and the corrupt elements will cry.”

“B…9”: “The Chinese people want this, but the Chinese government doesn’t want it. Some officials will have to suffer the hit in silence. Thank you, Trump! Thank you!”

“If the U.S. does this alone, I am afraid that it may not be too effective. The U.S. should get the European Union, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, and other countries all to join this policy. Must get Panama in. In that case, the Yellow River (known for muddy water) will clear up. All Chinese will be grateful!”

Some people also applauded, “Trump did a magnificent deed that will be crowned with glory in history! This event deserves 10,000 ‘likes’ …”

“The light of the righteous path shines on the earth!”

Others concluded, “Just look at the comments and you know that we pass it unanimously.” {10}

#9: Chinese Netizens: “There Is No Ordinary Chinese Who Does Not Welcome This Policy. I Was So Moved That I Even Cried!”

A Hong Kong netizen commented that this U.S. move is even more lethal than Hong Kong people calling out, “Let all CCP members die!”

Some people said, “The nightmare of the CCP officials has come.”

“There is no ordinary Chinese who does not welcome this policy. I was so moved that I even cried.”

“This is the right way and (the U.S.) must investigate their political background. The U.S. must check the background of CCP members and their families before admitting them into the country.”

“We must waste no time in telling everyone about such delightful news! The evil’s ally is also evil, and there is no need to explain. If anyone wants to repent about how he got in, he should reverse and get himself out. That’s the responsible behavior.”

“How do those who claim CCP membership the same as the Chinese people view this ban?”

“The CCP membership is a political identity. When sanctions aim at this political identity and ideology, you are no longer the public people. It may not be too late to quit the CCP now.”

Some netizens questioned whether it is enforceable since there are a huge number of CCP members. Others have enthusiastically offered suggestions.

“It’s very simple. When admitting people into the U.S., ask them to post a message on their main social media with the subject, “I solemnly declare that I am not a member of the CCP. If this is not true, I am willing to bear all the U.S. penalties.” Then you can admit them in. Of course, if fraud is indeed found in the future, then they will be punished!”

“I remember that U.S. consulate has a department that conducts random checks on applicants for U.S. visas. They can call the applicants’ work units to verify his identity and financial status. Just one phone call will tell if he has lied in the visa application. Once a lie is discovered, the U.S. rule is to deny him entry for his lifetime. Even if he becomes  naturalized citizen of the U.S., the U.S. can revoke his citizenship and send him sent back to China.” {11}


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