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China Review News on US-China Relations: No Fundamental Changes

An editorial of China Review News states that neither the current warmth or the freezing coldness back in January or the honeymoon last year has resolved the fundamental issues in US-China relations. The only benefit is that it avoids confrontations on strategic issues. There are two possible reasons according to the editorial. One is that the U.S. drives the US-China relations, with the determining factor being the U.S. policy toward China and not China’s policy toward the U.S. Two, the U.S. policy toward China has been weaving back and forth between strategic considerations and specific interests.  The U.S. is accused of causing significant damage to bilateral relations because of the arms sales to Taiwan, Internet freedom issues and a slew of others, which are, in the mind of the editorial, meant to strategically restrain China.

Source: China Review News, May 25, 2010