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JNOC News: China’s New Diplomacy Direction

China News Agency quoted a report from Japan New Overseas Chinese News (JNOC News), on Hu Jintao’s speech at the 11th Conference of China’s Diplomatic Envoy to Foreign Countries. JNOC News stated that Hu’s speech has given direction for China’s new diplomacy approaches. Diplomacy activities will focus on six areas: economic development, national security, targeted large countries, culture promotion, rights protection (for overseas Chinese), and harmony.

On National Security, Hu stated that diplomacy should firmly safeguard national sovereignty, territorial integrity, and interests. The core is the “One China” principle. That’s Chinese diplomacy’s “red line” that can’t be crossed. It is believed that China will be more aggressive against the Dalai Lama and Xinjiang separatists and pressure their international space. As for the South Sea, China will be firm on any area of land or water, but might exercise control to avoid escalating a situation to cause regional instability.

On rights protection, China wants to extend its influence to develop networks and protect the rights and interests of Chinese citizens and overseas Chinese (people with a Chinese origin but of other nationalities). “Our brothers are all over the world.” “(Let them) come to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate when they run into problems.”

Source: China News Agency, July 22, 2009