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CCP Members Are the Backbone of ByteDance

Epoch Times reported on August 4, 2020, that it had obtained an internal list of the Communist Party committee members at ByteDance headquarters in Beijing. ByteDance is the parent of TikTok.

Among the members is Zhang Fuping, Secretary of ByteDance’s CCP Committee and ByteDance’s Chief Editor. The internal list shows that Zhang Fuping joined the CCP in 2013.

As Chief Editor, Zhang Fuping is responsible for all of the contents of ByteDance and TikTok.  In April 2018, at an internal CCP training session that Zhang chaired at ByteDance on guiding public opinion, he stated that, “[We] must stay true to the main responsibility of the enterprise and absolutely not allow the Internet to become a platform for the transmission of harmful information and rumors.”

In September 2019, Zhang Fuping presided over an opening ceremony for the Ministry of Public Security in which online police were launched to be able to monitor, through special TikTok accounts, the user’s activities on TikTok. These online policemen came from over 170 national, provincial, and regional online police organizations. Zhang Hongye, Deputy Director of the Online Security Department under the Ministry of Public Security, stated that the purpose of these special accounts was to take advantage of TikTok to enhance the government’s capacity to maintain social stability.

According to the internal list that Epoch Times obtained, the ByteDance headquarters’ CCP committee has 138 members. Of the 138, most were born in the 1990s and are young and energetic. They all are in corporate management or professional and technical positions and are the backbone responsible for the company’s operations.

Source: Epoch Times, August 4, 2020