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500 Attended Public Security Bureau Spokesperson Training Classes

From July 26 through July 30, close to 500 people attended the training class held for the spokespersons of the Public Security Bureau at the Chinese People’s Public Security University. This training was another large scale centralized training session held by the Public Security Bureau following a similar session for 3000 county level Public Security Bureau Directors and 400 city level Secretaries of the Discipline Inspection Commission.

Meng Jianzhu, Minister of Public Security, spoke at the closing ceremony of the training session. He stressed the importance for the attendees to fully understand the unprecedented challenges that threaten social stability. He said there is a need to improve the “spokesperson system." Whenever an unexpected event takes place, the spokesperson should immediately come forward and publicize first hand information.  According to Meng, the spokesperson should “always put political work as the first priority. They need to be mentally equipped with the (Party’s) theory of persistency on the socialist path with Chinese characteristics; constantly improve their own political capability, and fully understand and exercise the Party’s instructions and policies.”

Source: Legal Daily, August 1, 2009