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PLA Daily: Resolutely Oppose Military Nationalization

Compared to “nonpartisan armed forces” and “nonpolitical armed forces,” military nationalization is the most demagogic, according to an article from People’s Liberation Army Daily. “Hostile forces use it to confuse the relationship between the Party and country/armed forces and to put the military’s concerns in conflict with the country’s concerns so that the country’s concerns related to the military trump the political concerns of the military, thus negating the absolute leadership of the Party over the military. It is not only politically harmful, but also lacks theoretical support and will not work in practice – it is a false paradox.”

The PLA article asserts that military nationalization is in conflict with Marxist nationalization, harmful to the concerns of our armed forces, out of touch with the practical requirements of our political party, and contrary to the fundamental interests of the country.

Source: China News Service, May 7, 2009