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China’s New Policies to Support Domestic Chip-Making

Well-known Chinese news site Sina (NASDAQ: SINA) recently reported that, as a result of  the heavy U.S. pounding on China’s chip supply chains, China just announced major policies to support the Chinese integrated circuit Industry. The Chinese State Council released its comprehensive policies for the chip industry and the development of the software industry. These include strategic policies on financial and tax support, investment support, research and development support, and import/export support, as well as talent pooling support. This new strategic policy document is a natural extension of the No. 18 document in 2000, and the No. 4 document in 2011. The new policy document focuses on core technologies with tangible plans, like a 10-year tax free incentive for chip-making processes below 28 nano-meters. The new policies also recognize the need for more government subsidies.

Source: Sina, August 7, 2020