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Chinese Official: Properly Managing Relationship with Overseas Chinese

Qiushi Journal, a publication of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China organs, published an article “Properly Handling Several Relationships with Overseas Chinese,” by Li Haifeng, director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council. This article discusses the relationship between China’s external propaganda machine for overseas Chinese (the CCP’s media that publishes Communist Party propaganda targeting overseas Chinese) and the overseas Chinese media. Li states the common objective of these two groups is to lead the overseas Chinese to follow the right direction (set by the CCP) (The CCP has been heavily invested in and has thus taken control of many overseas Chinese media – Ed.). The two should join forces to strengthen their broadcasting power and boost their media coverage. “China’s’ external propaganda media for overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese media can work together through sharing information, providing content, exchanging experiences, organizing (joint) interviews, and having (joint) forums, so as to make the propaganda more focused, more lively, more attractive, more communicable and more persuasive.” While cooperating, both sides will improve their mutual understanding of each other.

Source: Qiushi Journal, August 1, 2009