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CCP Controlled Media Attacked Zuckerberg

The U.S. Congress held a hearing on the how the Chinese government steals U.S. Technology. Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of Facebook, was the only CEO among the four at the hearing who stated firmly that China definitely steals U.S. technology.

As a result, an article criticizing Zuckerberg was published widely on Chinese media. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) controls all media in China. The article was titled, “This ‘TikTok Slaughter Battle’ completely tore off Zuckerberg’s mask as the ‘Chinese people’s good son-in-law.’” Since the parents of Zuckerberg’s wife Priscilla Chan were Chinese refugees who fled Vietnam, Beijing had been calling Zuckerberg “the Chinese people’s good son-in-law.”

The article said that Mark Zuckerberg (of Facebook), Tim Cook of Apple, Sundar Pichai of Google, and Jeff Bezos of Amazon participated in the hearing remotely.

A congressman asked, “Do you think that the Chinese government steals U.S. technologies?”

Cook, “No.”

Pichai, “No.”

Bezos, “I only heard it on newspaper, but it didn’t happen to Amazon.”

Zuckerberg, “I believe that China’s stealing technology from U.S. tech companies is well-documented.”

The article then said that Zuckerberg had tried many things for several years to get Beijing to let Facebook enter China, but after he could not do it, he revealed his true face and, last year, became hostile towards China.

The article blamed him for having a double standard when closing several Facebook accounts, which Zuckerberg said to be connected to the Chinese government, for spreading “fake news” about Hong Kong; for using the “China threat” theory to promote his virtual currency; and for trying to destroy TikTok, his rival.

Source:, August 4, 2020