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China’s Public Security Controls its Health Code Data

Recently, Epoch Times has obtained several internal Chinese Communist Party documents showing that, in the CCP virus pandemic, China’s Ministry of Public Security controls the digital QR code or “health code” data people provide through WeChat. There are concerns about people’s privacy and their personal information. Such data includes those foreigners who visit China by flying there on Chinese airlines.

At present, people in mainland China must scan and register their local “health code” when entering major shopping malls, hospitals, and other public places. The “health code” is a QR code that mainland Chinese generally apply for through Tencent’s WeChat or Alibaba’s Alipay. The “health code” has three colors, green, yellow, or red, which indicates the person’s health status. A green code enables its holder to move about unrestricted. Someone with a yellow code will be asked to stay home for seven days. The red code means a two-week quarantine.

Epoch Times has obtained government pandemic control documents from the Baoding City, Hebei Province; Anxin County, Hebei Province; and Heilongjiang Province Health Commissions. These documents raise concerns about privacy and the security of personal data.

These documents show that WeChat is used for the designated application for the “Health Code” in Hebei Province. China’s Ministry of Public Security and its local departments control WeChat’s “Health Code” data. The government document obtained for Anxin County states that, while the local Pandemic Prevention and Control Team is responsible for organizing and coordinating related work and work promotion, the Public Security Bureau is responsible for big data analysis, mining, and the in-depth application of the “health code.”

Heilongjiang Province launched the international version on March 17. This version requires users to enter data through the WeChat program, and then tie the health code that is given to the mobile phone number which performs real-name authentication. Tencent stated that “the international version brings foreigners into the unified health management system.” The Heilongjiang Provincial Health Commission’s document issued on March 23 reveals that when using the health code system, it is necessary to communicate actively with the Heilongjiang Provincial Public Security Department and Tencent.

The state media China News Weekly reported on April 27, 2020, that, according to a Hangzhou City Health Code official, “The moment you open the health code, the big data in the background has undergone countless calculations and comparisons.”

Source: Epoch Times, August 13, 2020