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CCP in Tibet Autonomous Region Launches Patriotic Education Activities

The Party organizations in the Tibet Autonomous Region launched a series of patriotic education activities. The theme also incorporates the study of scientific outlook on development, strengthening the party’s work at the grass roots level and anti-separatist education.

Patriotic education activity consists of 50 projects covering 9 areas. It is divided into three stages to implement, which started in April. Examples of activities include: an education program on China’s modern history to praise the fundamental changes under the party’s leadership; organizing groups of monks and nuns who are considered "patriotic" and who "abide by the law" to give lectures at temples; exhibiting collectibles to showcase the reforms over the past 50 years; and an introduction of “red songs” for people to sing to express their love for the party, the country and their socialist beliefs.

Source: Xinhua, August 15, 2009