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LTN: U.S. Businesses Consider Leaving Hong Kong

Major Taiwanese news network Liberty Times Network (LTN) recently reported that, according to a member survey that the American Chamber of Commerce conducted in Hong Kong, around 53 percent of its members are considering leaving Hong Kong in the future, either near-term or mid-term. The survey was designed specifically to measure the impact of the Hong Kong National Security Law and the U.S. sanctions that followed. The survey sampled a total of 154 member companies of the Chamber. Most (55.84 percent) of the members recognized the long-term competitiveness of the Hong Kong based U.S. companies to be the top priority to evaluate. According to undisclosed sources, after the new law and the new U.S. sanctions, most of the “high net-worth individuals” in Hong Kong have not yet moved their money out of the city. They are still observing and evaluating the changes on local asset prices and the potential long-term business environment under the Mainland’s control. However, many of the wealthy people have completed the preparation work for a swift money move, such as opening off-shore bank accounts, obtaining overseas passports, and other means.

Source: LTN, August 13, 2020