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Hong Kong Apple Daily Circulation and Stock Price Jumped after Founder’s Arrest

After Hong Kong police arrested Jimmy Lai, the founder of Next Digital, and several other high-level officials for violating the “Hong Kong National Security Act,” the Hong Kong people launched an action to buy Apple Daily, a newspaper under the Next Digital Group. On Tuesday, August 11, Hongkongers could be seen lining up on the street late at night to buy the Apple Daily newspaper. Many people bought dozens of copies and let other people take some free of charge or distribute them to their neighbors. People stated that they would buy the newspaper even if it was a blank sheet of paper. On Tuesday, total circulation for Apple Daily jumped from its normal 70,000 to half a million copies. The front page of the paper reads, “Apple Daily Must Fight On.” At the same time, Next Digital stock also jumped more than 330 percent in just two days.

Source: Radio Free Asia, August 11, 2020