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CCP Party School Professor Criticizes the CCP

On August 17, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Party School announced that it has expelled Cai Xia, a retired Party School Professor, from the CCP and discontinued her retirement benefits because she “has serious political issues and made speeches that damaged the country’s reputation.” Cai, who currently resides in the U.S., responded with the following statement on her twitter account: “I have completely decoupled from this gang-like party! They expelled me from the party (which is a good thing for me).”

Cai Xia worked for the Party School for over 40 years. Considered as a liberal intellectual and party insider, Cai is known for her direct criticism of Xi Jinping and the CCP, which she expressed in recent years. Below is a list of examples.

1. In February 2016, Cai Xia criticized Beijing’s Qianlong Wang and China Youth Daily for their wild attacks against Ren Zhiqiang, a Chinese real estate tycoon. Ren openly challenged Xi’s statement that “The party’s media must bear the party as their last name [Editor’s note: party media must serve the party]. Ren disappeared from the public for over one month. Cai said that the media attacks were against the party’s constitution, blocked the communication channel, and damaged the party’s unity.

2. In March 2020, an open letter addressed to the Congress and State Council appeared on the Internet. More than 50 intellectuals co-signed the letter, requesting the implementation of the rights of freedom of speech granted by the Constitution. Cai Xia was one of the co-signers.

3. On May 30, Cia Xia’s letter on the Hong Kong Security Law was posted on Twitter overseas. Cai wrote: “…The CCP is now destroying Hong Kong’s status as a free trade port and destroying Hong Kong’s status as one of the world’s three largest financial centers. What does it mean? It means that the CCP is challenging the world…The CCP is an enemy of the whole world, especially the enemy of human civilization. The CCP is the enemy of mankind.”

4. Ren Zhiqiang was arrested in March 2020 again for openly criticizing Xi Jinping for covering up the pandemic. Cai wrote an open letter and said that Xi Jinping has turned the CCP into a “mob-like” party. In her letter, she accused Xi of promoting personal worship, suppressing freedom of speech inside and outside the party, consolidating political and military power under his own control, empowering SOEs to merge with and eventually overtake the private companies, using the anti-corruption campaign to weed out and replace his opponents, suppressing criticism and different opinions, demanding absolute loyalty, exercising terrorist control over the party and turning the entire party into a political zombie.

5. On August 17, in her interview with Radio Free Asia after the CCP announced it would dismiss her from the party, Cai said she has no intention of being part of the CCP gang and that she is happy to return to the ranks of the (normal) people. She said that inside the CCP, there is a group who want to replace Xi Jinping but under the CCP’s totalitarian control no one wants to take the risk. Cai said she can’t go back to China because she has broken a hidden an unspoken rule in China that “one can criticize the party but not Xi Jinping.”

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