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Summary of Village Level Party Work in Lanzhou City

Expanding party membership at the village level is the key component in the CCP’s party development work in the countryside. Gansu Daily published an article summarizing the village level party work in Lanzhou city, Gansu Province.

According to the article, Lanzhou City picked a handful of villages in Yuzhong County and used them as a model for other villages. The examples of the party work included the following: targeting those wealthy individuals, educated young people and veterans or those who have technical skills for party membership; a party school at the county level to provide a college education opportunity for the leaders to improve their skills and quality; party leaders not only reach out to individual families to understand their needs but also bring job opportunities to improve the financial conditions in the villages.

The article concluded that the end results are effective as it combined the party work with the economic growth in the villages, which helped the party members to gain people’s trust, demonstrate their abilities and provide channels for additional party work.

Source: Gansu Daily, August 13, 2009