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Xinhua on the U.S. National Security Strategy: What has changed?

Xinhua commented on the United States National Security Strategy, which was released May 27, 2010. “The United States has not changed it strategic goal of maintaining its leadership position; it merely changes the means. The U.S. has not changed its militarism; it merely changes the manner. The U.S. has not given up the right to use force; it merely changes the time when it will use force.” “For China, we should see both sides of this new strategy: we should see that the new strategy emphasizes international cooperation, especially the part relating to cooperation with China, but we should also see that it contains the potential for the U.S. to shirk its responsibility to China. Further, we should see the new strategy presents a clear expression of U.S. military power against China and an emphasis of the ‘human rights card.’”

Source: Xinhua, May 31, 2010