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Training to be Launched for 2nd Generation Private Business Owners who Lack Party Spirit

Concerned over the lack of party spirit among second generation civil enterprise owners, the Organization Department of Jiangsu Province said it will launch a training program which will cover 1000 second generation private business owners over the next two years. The selection criteria for the trainees are those who are 40 or younger, at a minimum have a college education, solid political background, strong management skills, a good public image and potential development qualities. The first wave of a seven-day training class will start with 50 people including Gao Xiaodong, the son of Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bosideng, the largest down apparel company in China.

According to the Organization Department of Jiangsu Province, private businesses account for 51.3 percent of the businesses in Jiangsu Province. It said “the training of second generation business owners for them to quickly step up to a leading role has become the biggest wish of those business owners as well as a vital need for the party’s development work in private businesses.”

Source: Guangmin Net, August 18, 2009