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Amazing Results amidst the Coronavirus

Transcription of a Portion of the “We the People” Talk Radio Program, March 1, 2020 with Dr. Shizhong Chen and Eureka Young on the CCP Virus

{Editor’s Note: Erin Ryan and Bill Cundiff are the hosts of the “We the People” radio talk show. The show has a two-hour guest discussion on hot topics that they believe Americans should know.

On March 1, 2020, they invited Dr. Shizhong Chen and Eureka Young as guest speakers to talk about the coronavirus and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Per Erin’s introduction (at 4:10 minutes into the recording): Dr. Chen has founded, co-founded, or served as the spokesperson on a number of non-profit organizations for 30 years; he has spoken extensively on issues concerned with China, starting from the 1989 Students movement and the Tiananmen Massacre in Beijing. Eureka Young (at 5:30) has provided research to private investors covering macroeconomics and geo-political topics in the U.S.-China relations since 2012.

During the show, Dr. Shizhong Chen brought up a surprising phenomenon that 113 Falun Gong practitioners and over 22,400 of their family members and relatives were free from the novel coronavirus infection, despite some of them living in areas where the virus had spread widely.

The following is the transcription of the comments on that topic.} {1}

(At 54:36)

Bill: What’s your feel for this thing as it sits right now? Are we looking at a future dangerous situation where this could become a full-blown pandemic in the United States?

Erin: Or does it kind of turn out like SARS where it looked like it was going to get everybody and then it didn’t?

Shizhong: My gut feeling is that this depends entirely on how we’re going to handle this. And this is why I want to give this backdrop – how this happened, what are the potential cures or measures that the world, and particularly the world governments, can do?

Maybe it’s a little premature, but I want to disclose this data for now. We’ll re-mention it when we have a proper setup for it – a proper preparation for people to understand this data. But I want to disclose this data now. I got this from China, straight from China. They are authentic. For the week between February 18 to 25, for 7 days, 113 Falun Gong practitioners – maybe not all people understand what Falun Gong is, anyway for this time we just call them “Falun Gong practitioners” –  made calls to their close family, their distant family, and their extended family members to do a census and to find out how their family members are doing. Out of the 22,400+ people that they called, zero had the infection. This is amazing data.

Bill: Yeah!

Erin: Wow!

Shizhong: Out of the 22,400+ people, about 4,000 are in Wuhan, the epicenter; Huanggang, next to Wuhan, whose situation is worse (than Wuhan); Chongqing; (and) Beijing. Those 4 cities are heavily infected right now. Yet they (the family members) had zero infection. This is not the most scientific way because there don’t have, as what I said earlier – there were no PCR testing kits; there was no medical equipment to test whether they are infected. But at least they called and asked whether they had any symptoms. And the sample size is so large – 22,400.

Erin: 22,400 people. That’s pretty good. This isn’t the government. This isn’t something that goes through the World Health Organization (WHO). These are people who live in China, and Falun Gong is traditionally… we have done many shows on that. And if (Falun Gong) is a new idea to you, please go to and click on the China tab, we have a lot of information for you. These folks are ones who typically get snatched up off the street and their organs become forcefully harvested and they get sent back with either a missing heart, missing lungs, or (other) missing stuff, or they winded up in a crematorium never to be seen again.

Bill: We’ll take a break. When we come back, I’d like to know what you attribute the zero infection result to.

After the break.

(At 1:00:36)

Bill: We were talking about the Falun Gong and their infection rate of zero. (Erin: Well, (and) their family.) What do you attribute that to?

Shizhong: I attribute it to the practice, the benefits of the practice.

Erin: Clean living, huh?

Shizhong: And also the power of this practice. Now I know that there will be CCP followers who immediately, once they hear this, they are going to jump up and say, “This is not scientific,” “Falun Gong made it up,” and all kinds of things. But facts are facts. In fact, the benefit of the Falun Gong practice to people’s health is already known.

(Phone rings and Shizhong answers.)

Eureka is on the line: 113 practitioners reached out to their distant family members and distant relatives, if I heard it correctly. The total sample was 22,400+. So each person, on average, reached out to (around) 200 people.

Bill: And none of them were infected.

Shizhong: None of them were infected and some of them, the 4,000 or so of them, are in fact, in areas (in China) that are heavily infected. I double checked; the exact number of family members is 22,474.

Erin: Wow!

Shizhong: And these are backed up by their real names. Falun Gong is still severely persecuted in China, so they do this (come forward) out of their benevolence, out of their care for the people. So this is done under great risk. But a similar situation took place before, before the persecution was launched by the CCP in 1999.

Before (the persecution started), in 1997, there were three census investigations done by professionals. In those studies, they covered over 40,000 practitioners and that report also showed that the healing rate of the practice was over 97 percent. So it’s a powerful, beneficial practice. In fact, over ten years ago – I remember it was around 2008 – I went to the W.H.O.’s headquarters in Geneva and contacted them. I suggested that they do a health benefit study on Falun Gong. They said they were going to have someone in the U.S. contact me, but nobody contacted me. Probably they looked into (it) and the CCP said “No.”

Erin: Possibly they looked into it and called the CCP. I think they got hold of the CCP in China and the CCP said, “No, thank you.”

Shizhong: Falun Gong is known for its benefits. In fact, it is because of these constant benefits that, by 1999, over 100 million people came to practice Falun Gong. The practice was introduced to the public in 1992. In seven years, it grew to 100 million people. It was this large following that caused some (members) within the CCP to be jealous and launch the persecution. Yet the persecution has gone on for twenty years and Falun Gong, as a group, has withstood that persecution.

Erin: And got bigger (in size).

Shizhong: Yeah. So at the higher level, I would say since that group can stand up and can withstand the persecution from the CCP, it could be quite fitting (certain) that this group of people and their family members also suffer from the (CCP’s) persecution. So it is only fitting (natural) that they and their family members are free, or protected from this terrible virus that has a lot to do with, and was caused by, the CCP. I’m just giving people this data.

Erin: This is the Karma update (retribution).

Shizhong: Yeah. So there is hope out there. People are waiting for a vaccine and other medicine. I’m all for that. But a vaccine (Erin: It’s gonna take a while.) may be more than a half year away and some of the medicines are still in clinical trial. I hope this would come quickly to stop this terrible disease, but, meanwhile, I want our audience to know that there is this practice that has, so far, been a great benefit to its practitioners and their families.

{1} We the People Radio, Recording for talk show on March 1, 2020