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China Continues to Expand its Propaganda Overseas

The largest State publishing bureau targeting non-Chinese celebrated its 60th anniversary. Communist Party leaders Li Changchun and Liu Yunshan sent congratulation letters. The letters stated that the China Foreign Language Bureau was founded under the leadership of Mao Tsedong to “introduce China to the world.” The letters call upon the China Foreign Language Bureau to follow the expansion strategy of the Communist Party on international propaganda, “to increase the influence, affinity, focus and effectiveness of the media on the foreign audience.”

With a staff of 3,000, the China Foreign Language Bureau is State-owned and under the direct guidance of the Communist Party Central Committee. It has over 20 subsidiaries as well as 12 overseas branches located in the United States, Britain, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Egypt, Mexico, Japan and Hong Kong, constituting a conglomerate of foreign language publishing and marketing.

Source: Xinhua, September 4, 2009