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CCP Secret Trial of Real Estate Tycoon Who Openly Criticized Xi Jinping and the Official Media

On September 11, Ren Zhiqiang, the former chairman of China Huayuan Group, a real estate tycoon, was put on trial in Beijing. Ren was charged with corruption and bribery, embezzlement of public funds, and abuse of power. There were many policemen in and around the courthouse, and no one except those “specially invited” could enter the courtroom. In 2016, Ren Zhiqiang publicly criticized “the official media which has the party as its last name” and was suspended from the party for one year. In February 2020, Ren Zhiqiang wrote on social media that the CCP lost control of the epidemic due to the lack of freedom of the press and speech and should take responsibility. He also implied that Xi Jinping is “the clown who even if stripped naked, would still insist on being an emperor himself.” Ren disappeared from the public in March. On April 7, the Beijing Municipal Discipline Inspection Department announced that it was conducting a disciplinary review on Ren Zhiqiang. On July 23, Ren Zhiqiang was “expelled from the party for serious violations of discipline and law” was accused of “not complying with the Party Central Committee on major issues” and of “smearing the image of the party and the country.” Ren holds a Law degree from Renmin University and served as a member of the Beijing Political Consultative Conference. His father was the formal Deputy Minister of Commerce.

Source: The Epoch Times, September 11, 2020