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Xinhua: The Compliment of China Outshining Has a Hidden Evil Intention

Xinhua published a commentary article on June 20 to “warn” Chinese that the western media report naming China as the sole country prospering in the middle of world financial crisis is a “compliment” with an evil intention. The article says, “In recent years, various bizarre comments on China have appeared now and then in western media, for example, “China Threat,” “China Being Responsible,” and so on. Most recently, a new name of “China Outshining” (in the global financial crisis) came up in the western media.” “The so-called ‘China Outshining’ is to say that, in the middle of the world financial crisis, western countries are burdened with economic difficulties, while China (has moved) all the way up, is gaining the most (from the crisis), and has come out as the biggest winner.” The purpose of the compliment is to “…harm China. Their intention is to pressure China to take on disproportionate international responsibilities beyond (China’s) ability, and damage China’s relationship with other countries, particularly the developing countries.”

Source: Xinhua, June 20, 2010