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Head of Religious Affairs Promoted to Manage Minority Parties’ Party School

On September 11, Ye Xiaowen, Party Secretary and Director of the State Administration for Religious Affairs, was promoted to First Vice President and Party Secretary of the Central Institute of Socialism (CIS). Ye’s promotion is a result of his firm party-line stand, loyal implementation of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) policies in religious works, and political acumen – especially on major issues (Ed – implementing the CCP’s suppression polices against Tibetans and Falun Gong practitioners).

(Ed – The State Administration for Religious Affairs is the CCP’s (atheist) organization to manage all religious groups. The CIS is the party school that develops party officials for minority democratic parties in China. The President of CIS is normally a figurehead and from a minority party. The First Vice President is a CCP member who ensures that CIS is following the CCP’s directives. CIS also uses the name of “Chinese Culture College” when dealing with people overseas.)

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