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Party Development Urgently Needed in New Economic and Social Organizations

Following his visit to the private organizations under the Ministry of United Front and Civil Affairs, Li Yuanchao, Head of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, emphasized the party development work in new economic and new social (“two new”) organizations.

To echo Li’s talk, People’s Daily published a commentary calling for all levels of party organizations to raise the party development work in those "two new" organizations to an important level. It said: “As the Reform and Opening up deepens, the rapid growth of the new economic and social organizations have become an important sustainable driving force of economic development. If there is no party organization in those private entities, our party will lose a fairly sizable political leadership ground and organizational base. Our party’s leadership role in economic development will be weakened, and the party’s self-development will also be impacted.”

Source: People’s Daily, September 24, 2009