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More Than 80 Latin American Politicians and Scholars Sign Letter Supporting Taiwan

On September 28, More than 80 political and opinion leaders from countries including the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Venezuela and Cuba jointly issued a statement of support for Taiwan. On Monday, October 5, Directorio Democrático Cubano Secretary-General Orlando Gutierrez presented this joint declaration to Taiwan’s office in Miami.

In an interview with Radio Free Asia, Gutierrez said that Latin America regards Taiwan as an economically developed and democratic island country that has a positive impact on the world. Therefore, the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) recent frequent provocative measures have drawn great sympathy in the region. “When they saw the CCP’s military provocations and threats to Taiwan, especially during the memorial period of the late former President Lee Teng-hui, Congressional members and intellectuals from various countries responded. They wrote this letter, expressing their support for Taiwan and opposition to any aggression or military actions that the CCP might take against the Republic of China (Taiwan).”

The declaration, in Spanish, issued an “urgent call to the world and especially to the leaders of democratic nations to deplore the climate of terror that the Xi Jinping regime has promoted against [the ROC] and its president Tsai Ing-wen.”

Among those who have signed the letter are Costa Rican Congressman Dragos Dolanescu, former Dominican Minister of Energy and Mining Pelegrín Castillo, former Mexican prosecutor René Bolio, and Colombia Senator María Fernanda Cabal.

Dominican media reported that former Dominican Minister Castillo stated that many Dominican leaders are increasingly aware that, despite their remote location, they are closely connected to Taiwan when safeguarding freedom and democracy. Costa Rican Congressman Dolanescu also expressed dissatisfaction with the government’s choice to abandon diplomatic relations with Taiwan and instead recognize China. He emphasized that it is more meaningful to support Taiwan because the two countries share common characteristics including democracy, freedom of speech and respect for human rights.

Source: Radio Free Asia, October 6, 2020