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Pompeo: If China Attacks Taiwan, Appeasement Is Not the Answer

On October 6, U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo participated the quadrilateral security dialogue, or Quad, with Japan, India and Australia. He also accepted an exclusive interview with the Nikkei. During the interview, the reporter asked whether the United States was prepared to defend Taiwan if China unilaterally attacked Taiwan. Pompeo said that the “U.S. is committed to reducing cross-strait tensions,” the mission of the Trump administration in the world. The United States “looks to bring peace, not conflict.” It is shameful that the Communist Party of China instigates tensions with Vietnam, Japan, as well as a series of incidents in the Himalayas (the Sino-Indian border). “This is the Chinese using coercive power. This isn’t how great nations operate.” Pompeo also stressed that “appeasement is not the answer” and the U.S. is the best partner for security with Taiwan and Japan.

The U.S. has a NATO agreement with European countries but there is no similar agreement with the countries in the Asia Pacific region. Facing China’s rapid increase in military and economic influence, security cooperation among many countries is indispensable. Pompeo said. “When one talks about security, one is talking about economic capacity and the rule of law, the ability to protect intellectual property, trade agreements, diplomatic relationships, and all of the elements that form a security framework. It is not just military.” He also stressed that the democratic countries should unite and strengthen the foundation to “counter the challenge that the Chinese Communist Party presents to all of us.”

Source: Liberty Time News, October 6, 2020