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Xinhua Bookstore Opened in London

The International Herald Leader, a newspaper under Xinhua, reported that on October 20, 2009, the Xinhua Bookstore opened its first European store in London. At present, there are three Xinhua Bookstores and one on-line store in the United States. The goal of the Xinhua Bookstore is to use the world’s languages, e.g. English, Germany, French, Japanese, Korean, and so on, to tell the desired stories about China.

The article also discussed the differences between the Confucius Institute and the Xinhua Bookstore, both of which are increasing their presence overseas.  It is important to note that the Confucius Institute is directly under the Chinese government’s funding while the Xinhua Bookstore is a business operation (Ed: under a State-Owned Enterprise though).

Source: International Herald Leader, October 30, 2009