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BBC Chinese: Pew Poll Showed Significant Chinese Reputation Decline

BBC Chinese Edition recently reported that the Pew Research Center just released multi-national poll results which indicated a significant decline in China’s reputation among 14 advanced Western countries and Asian countries. The Japanese result showed an 86 percent negative response.  Sweden, the first country in the West that established a formal relationship with China, was second with a poll that showed 85 percent negative. Australia had the third highest negative view about China, with 81 percent of the people surveyed choosing negative. This is a 24 percent expansion from last year. In the United Kingdom 75 percent of the people reported a negative view, which represents a 19 percent expansion from last year. The United States negative number is at 73 percent, which is the highest in 15 years and is a 20 percent increase since President Trump took office. An average of 78 percent among all the people surveyed distrusted Xi Jinping and 61 percent thought China did poorly in dealing with the pandemic. Among nine countries, negative views against Xi increased by 10 percent in the past year.

Source: BBC Chinese, October 6, 2020