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Xinhua: National Police Chiefs Repledge Loyalty to the Party at Jinggangshan

Xinhua reported that on November 3, 2009, Zhou Yongkang, a member of the CCP Central Committee’s Political Bureau Standing Committee, the secretary of the Central Political and Law Commission, and Meng Jianzhu, state councilor and deputy secretary of the Central Political and Law Commission, Minister of Public Security, led all the Central Political and Law Commission members and the National Police Bureau Chiefs Forum participants to the Jinggangshan [1] Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery. They presented flower baskets to the revolutionary martyrs and re-read the Party Oath.

Now, there are over 2 million police and over 3 million political and law personnel all over the country with over 70% being CCP members. How to make all the police officers maintain their belief (in the CCP) has become the primary subject of public security work.

Source: Xinhua, November 5, 2009
[1] Jinggangshan is known as the birthplace of the Chinese Red Army and the "cradle of the Chinese revolution." It is where Mao Zedong and a few fellow Communists set up the first peasant soviet in 1927.