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Public Security Officer Questioned Chinese Citizen for Ordering American Flags

The local public security bureau officers questioned a Chinese citizen from Chongqing city for placing an online order for American flags.

On October 2, after President Trump tested positive for COVID 19, a group of Chinese citizens in Chongqing city wished to express their support for Trump. They planned to have a gathering with American flags in the background, take pictures, and then post them on the Internet. On October 6, the officers from the local public security bureau questioned Huang Yang, who was in charge of ordering the American flags, for four hours. They asked Huang about ordering American flags and threatened him. It was obvious that the public security bureau taped the conversation of Huang Yang with his friends and that was how they learned about the information. Huang challenged the officers and asked why the authorities were scared when he only placed an online order for American flags. He wondered which law he violated. Some local residents who knew about the story joked that for the evil CCP regime, the American flags are talisman that will drive away any ghosts. They thought, “Since they are afraid, why don’t we buy more?”

Source:, October 10, 2020