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Open Slots for TOEFL Test Taken within 5 Minutes

TOEFL, the Test of English as Foreign Language, is an important test for foreign students to take in order to study in the universities in the U.S. China’s official TOEFL test site recently opened the first wave of registration for the 2021 TOEFL test. People were shocked to find out that the slots from January to August for test centers in Beijing and Shanghai were gone in the first 5 minutes. However, later on, the China TOEFL site assured the test takers that more seats would be released later on every Wednesday and Friday.

Chinese netizens commented that the media inside of China constantly attack the U.S. but the TOEFL test slots were still taken in the first 5 minutes. Many Chinese high ranking officials, diplomats or spokesperson send their daughters and sons to study in the U.S. People joked that it is because “Slandering America is their job but living in America is their life.”

Source: Liberty Times Net, October 17, 2020