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Obama’s Town Hall Meeting Includes Fake Students With CCP Credentials

Not only were the meeting and the script of the October 16 meeting between President Obama and Chinese university students censored, but Chinese participation was also reported to have been staged.

 Chinese netizens discovered that at least two questioners in the audience were not bonafide students. The first “student” Cheng Xi is the Executive Vice Director of the Research Office of the Communist Youth League of Fudan University: The second “student” Huang Lihe is the Secretary of the Communist Youth League of the School of Foreign Languages, Tongji University: [Ed: A search found that this was posted on many blogs and forums in China, although some were later removed.]

A CNN reporter saw a student reciting a question in English from a piece of paper. Liu Yufen, 21, a student from Shanghai Jiaotong University said that he and his fellow classmates went through “training” for a whole afternoon prior to the meeting.

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