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The CCP Started a New Round of Ideology Campaign Using Role Models

Hu Jintao recently advised posthumously honoring Song Wenbo, Political Instructor of the Dongkou County Firefighting Group, Hunan Province as “Model of Loving People.” At the ceremony, at the Great Hall of the People, Zhou Yongkang stated that “(the party should) vigorously propagate Comrade Song Wenbo’s touching deeds and inspire the public with his heroic noble spirit” and wished that “his relatives turn grief into strength,” and that “his daughter inherit her father’s mandate.”

Zhou also started a campaign in the Political and Law organizations to learn from Luo Dongning and Yang Zhufang. The Ministry of Education started another campaign to learn from 15 Yangtze University students.

(Editor’s Note: Using a “Role Model” was a propaganda method from Mao Zedong’s era whereby a deceased person’s heroic deeds were exaggerated or even made up to create a perfect example for people to follow.)

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