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Wang Qishan Warned against Risk of Financial Bubbles

According to Hong Kong Economic Times, China’s Vice president Wang Qishan gave a video speech at the Bund Summit 2020 held in Shanghai on October 24. Wang said, “The Financial sector, when separated from the real economy, is ‘water without a source and a tree without roots.’ The financial sector cannot take the crooked path of speculation and gambling, the wrong path of the self-circulation of financial bubbles, and the evil path of Ponzi schemes.”

Wang also emphasized that, among the three principles of safety, liquidity, and efficiency that the financial industry must follow, “safety always comes first.” He also maintained that the bottom line is that no systemic risks should be taken.

He added that, as new financial technologies have been widely used and new business models have emerged, financial risks are on the upsurge. It is necessary to strike a balance between encouraging financial innovation, expanding financial openness, and strengthening supervision over the industry.

Source: Hong Kong Economic Times, October 25, 2020