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Chinese Workers Inundate Vietnam; Beijing Builds Border Wall to Stop them from Escaping

A Large number of foreign companies are exiting China lately and many Chinese companies are also relocating their factories to Vietnam to lower the costs. These companies have also attracted Chinese workers to work for them in Vietnam. A video posted on twitter showed that on October 20, nearly a thousand Chinese high-tech workers were gathering at the Sino-Vietnamese border in Guangxi and were ready to cross the border. All of them were supervisory level technicians. Vietnamese companies that the mainland or Taiwanese businessmen set up were the ones that hired them. A Taiwanese businessman living in Vietnam said that the Vietnam government restricts workers from China and it is not easy for people to find jobs in Vietnam. A Chinese businessman told Radio Free Asia that Vietnam is almost a democratic country now. It’s just like Shenzhen in the old days, but its policies, business environment, and the openness are much better than it is in the mainland and it draws many workers to work in Vietnam.

As a result, China is building a two-meter-high wall along the Sino-Vietnamese border to prevent Chinese residents from leaving China. The Sino-Vietnamese border runs about 1300 kilometers (808 miles). People commented that the “US is building a wall to prevent people from entering (illegally), while the CCP is building a wall to prevent people from escaping!”

Source: Radio Free Asia, October 22, 2020