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Outlook Weekly Publishes Hu Jintao’s Epochal Views

The latest issue of Outlook Weekly magazine, owned by Xinhua, published an article titled “Hu Jintao’s Epochal Views.” Although the full text of the article, already in the print version of the magazine, is not seen on the web, major state media have widely reported this article. 

According to Xinhua, “Hu Jintao’s Epochal Views” is a “complete set of basic views that reflect the trend of the current epoch, promote the development of the epoch, and lead the advance of the epoch.” “It embodies major theoretical innovations of the Chinese Communist Party of the new century and new stage on the issues of the current epoch.” “It is mainly composed of fives aspects: the view of profound transformation, the view of a harmonious world, the view of joint development, the view of shared responsibilities, and the view of active participation.”
Source: Xinhua, November 24, 2009