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Changes in Provincial Heads on the Horizon

Members of the “League Faction” (Ed: Hu Jintao’s supporters and allies) will serve as provincial heads in several provinces or autonomous regions (ARs), as current heads are close to retirement.

Takunpao republished Mingpao’s latest version concerning political realignment, which may be launched in early December:

– Liu Qi, Party Secretary of Beijing and Wang Lequan, Party Secretary of Xinjiang AR will remain in their posts
– Hu Chunhua, Governor of Hebei will assume the Inner Mongolia AR provincial head position
– Sun Zhengcai, Minister of Agriculture will be provincial head in Jilin
– Wang Min, current Jilin Party Secretary will take the Liaoning provincial head position
– Lu Zhangong, Party Secretary of Fujian will accept the Henan provincial head position.

Both Hu and Sun are 46. They are expected to be rise to the central leadership in Zhongnanhai at the 19th Central Committee in 2017.

Source: Takunpao, November 25, 2009